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Honda Award

Honda Ryu National Annual Meeting, Meijijingu, Tokyo. Receiving ranking from Honda Tochizune, 4th Grandmaster.



  Yabusame Archers


 Shimizu-sensei (6-dan)

 (L) Takeda Ryu Yabusame on Zushi Beach.  (R) Shimizu-sensei (6-dan), Yabusame at Kamakura



Suhara Koun-sensei training at Enkakuji.(NB: Herrigel's bows above the mirror)


Honda Senseis

(L) Taniguchi-sensei (7-dan kyoshi) Makiwara jarei. (R) Taniguchi-sensei, Chiba-sensei, Oshima-sensei, Honda-sensei.




Honda National Shinenkai 2005, Meijijingujinja, Tokyo.

Seven Shots from a koryu (tokubetsu) enbu ceremony called 'Chikurin Secret Technique in the Classic Way of Shooting', performed at Honda Ryu Annual General Meeting, Meijijingu Dojo, Tokyo, 28 August 2005. The archer is Katsumi Tanaka of Heki-ryu, Chikurin-ha.












A father's pride: My son started ZNKR kyudo training at Motomachi Dojo, September 2005. Children should not begin until late elementary school or early teens – when their skeletal structure is reasonably well developed.


Some photos from the International Seminar of Budo Culture, March 7-10, 2008:  

Group Photo



(L) Iijima-sensei.  (R) Taguchi-sensei


Dojo at the International Seminar of Budo Culture

Dojo entrance


Sekine Ryouzo-sensei (6-dan)

Sekine Ryouzo-sensei (6-dan) at the Fujisawa Akibadai dojo

Oshima-sensei, Honda Makiwara Sharei

Momote-shiki: Opening Ceremony

Ogasawara Kiyotada, 31st Grand Master of Ogasawara Ryu

November 3: at Meiji Shrine on this day — the last of the four-day Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival — there is not only a national kyudo (Japanese archery) competition, but also a demonstration of the archery ritual momote-shiki and another of yabusame.

The kyudo competition, organized by the ANKF, is an individual kinteki (zasha) event. It begins at 9 AM at the kyudo dojo in the Shiseikan in the Meiji Shrine grounds, and continues through the day. The prize-giving ceremony is scheduled for 6 PM.

The momote-shiki, which is performed only twice a year at Meiji Shrine — in January for the Coming-of-Age Ceremony and in November for the autumn festival — is a ceremony dedicated to the Shinto gods of the heavens, the Amatsukami, and the gods of the land, Kunitsukami. It includes the shooting of a "whistling" arrow, which makes a sound that wards off evil spirits as it flies, and a finale in which groups of 10 archers shoot two arrows in succession. It is held from 11 AM in the eastern gardens of the Treasure Museum within the grounds of Meiji Shrine.

The climax of the day is the demonstration of yabusame, which begins from 1 PM at Nishisando — also within the grounds of Meiji Shrine. Organized by the Takeda Ryu, the event sees several archers in traditional dress shooting at targets to their left as they gallop by on horseback.

Throughout the day, demonstrations of other budo are presented on the lawns in the same area.



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